Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Song of Habakkuk – Music Story #2

A society governed by lists is easily corrupted. The words can be twisted. Even a list written on stone can be attacked with chisel and hammer.

His nation had deteriorated into a checklist society because their worship had deteriorated into a checklist religion. The law was intended to direct the passions of the heart toward its Maker. But they twisted it to justify unrestrained passion. Trickery and bribery were passion’s chisel and hammer; injustice, quarrels, fighting, and violence its outcome. The nation had become thoroughly corrupt. As a result God was sending a brutal people to conquer and deport them.

Twice Habakkuk asked God “why.” Both times God answered with “who,” inviting trust.

How can God be trusted when injustice rules the day and tomorrow is terrifying? Habakkuk considered the defining moment in his nation’s history. They had been slaves. God was angered by their circumstances. In God’s wrath he was merciful. He miraculously rescued them from slavery. As Habakkuk focused on God’s character and power, he trembled in awe. God had not changed. Even when angered, God was merciful. He was still Savior! He could be trusted!

Habakkuk was a singer-songwriter. He set his thoughts to music. He composed a worship song that would be his prayer then and when tomorrow became terrifying.

From the album “Apologia – Answers for Troubled Minds” this video is scrolling playback of music from the third chapter of Habakkuk. (Click here for music from the first two chapters.)

Click here to read the third chapter of Habakkuk.

You can get print (PDF) and/or digital (MusicXML™) sheet music for The Song of Habakkuk – Part V.
The Song of Habakkuk - V
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The Song of Habakkuk - V
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