Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Surprised by Peace – Music Story

What a year this has been!

It started last March with Covid-19. People we know became sick. The virus swept through our neighborhood, infecting two households on our block. We shelter in place.

Last May 700 buildings in Minneapolis were damaged as people rioted in the wake of George Floyd’s death. The pharmacy near my sister’s home was severely damaged. Lake Street, the street where my cousin once had his shop, was on fire. The aftermath was like a war zone, marked by burned-out collapsed buildings and rubble.

In September and October 4,000 homes in Oregon burned. Family and friends were evacuating farm animals, sealing windows against poor air quality, sharing frightening photos of fires near them.

Social media posts of friends were censored, accounts flagged, not based on facts but because they made someone feel uncomfortable.

Longtime friends died; we were unable to weep with the families. Funerals were broadcast on social media.

And Christmas was a Zoom meeting!

We live in a society plagued by loneliness and fear. Where is God when trouble presses in?

From the album “This and That – A Little Bit of Everything” this video is scrolling playback of a song based on Philippians 4:6-7.


Click here to read Philippians 4.

You can get print (PDF) and/or digital (MusicXML™) sheet music for Surprised by Peace.

Click here for print sheet music.
Click here for digital sheet music.
(MusicXML™ is the standard open format for sharing digital sheet music. Check the help files in your music notation app for directions on importing MusicXML™ files.)