Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Ten Years (Daddy Daughter Dance) – Music Story

According to the BB King classic, “Let the Good Times Roll,” good times happen when you get together, spend some cash, and have some fun. The coronavirus smeared King’s picture of a good time.

Sara turned ten on March 17, 2020. Just four days after her birthday her family began sheltering in place. She could no longer get together with friends, spend some cash, and have some fun. She missed important milestones. School functions, including her spring concert, were cancelled. School moved online with E-Learning assignments. Her daddy was worried how this would impact her life. 

She assumed responsibility for doing her own laundry. She learned how to make pancakes from scratch. How to identify animal bones she found near her home. She used the Internet and Legos to entertain her out-of-state nephew. She helped build a monarch butterfly nursery. She curled up with her parents after dinner to watch Star Trek Discovery. How will she remember 2020?

I had written a song for each of Sara’s birthdays, but not her tenth. I was not sure what to write. Then her daddy made a casual statement during dinner one evening. He said these are the best years of his life! I incorporated that phrase in her tenth birthday song. From the album “Silly or Celebratory – Songs for Sara Lily” this video is scrolling playback of the song.


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