Saturday, June 29, 2024

The Call of Abram – Music Story

God called Abram to a new identity. His sense of self, of who he was, was to change. Abram was to have a new allegiance, one not based on nation or people group. Abram was to leave his country and his father’s household and go to the land God would show him. God promised to make him a great nation. All the peoples on earth would be blessed through him. Abram’s identity was to be based on God’s promise. But it would take a miracle for him to become a great nation. He was seventy-five. His wife was sixty-five, childless, and barren. Yet, Abram believed God and went as the Lord had told him! And so began the great story of redemption.

In the call of Abram we see rudiments of the story:

·         A calling

·         A land

·         A promise

·         New identity

·         A child

·         A miracle birth

Through one man’s act of faith God would bless all.

From the album “Redemption” this video is scrolling playback of God’s call to Abram from Genesis 12.


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