Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Jesus' Family Tree

 According to “Every family has a story.” And they are in the business of helping you find your family’s story, one ancestor at a time.

Here’s my family’s story, one ancestor at a time. Dad and Mom’s wedding photo is in the middle. My siblings and I are above them. The houses we lived in flank us. Dad’s ancestors are to the left of their wedding photo and Mom’s to the right.

The list of Dad’s ancestors in his handwriting goes back to 1654. You can see that Dad was a cutie as a little boy. And one of the houses he lived in is next to him. His parents are below him. There’s a photo of his mother’s sod shanty next to her. And Dad’s grandparents are on the bottom row.

On the right is Mom as a child. She loved animals. Her folks are below her, and the vertical log farmhouse her father built is below them. (I inherited a plant stand he made.)

My family tree tells the story of humble, hard-working people.

What story does Jesus’ family tree tell?

Both Matthew and Luke contain his genealogies. But the names are different; they don’t line up. In fact, they contradict each other. Bible critics claim that the Bible cannot be trusted because of the genealogies. But a close examination of his family tree tells an astonishing story.

This eleven-minute presentation examines Jesus’ family tree.


Click here to read J Warner Wallace’s article “Ten Principles when Considering Alleged Bible Contradictions."

The presentation concludes with the last verse of the song “Light of the World.” Click here for the whole song.

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