Tuesday, April 11, 2023

The Hymn of Salvation by Grace – Music Story

There is an ancient song in the New Testament book of Titus! It is “hidden” in plain view in chapter three.

While it is not apparent in the NIV that verses four through seven are song lyrics, The Passion Translation (TPT) correctly calls these verses “The Hymn of Salvation by Grace.” The early church may have sung this hymn as part of a baptismal service. Paul says that the words are trustworthy.

The ancient songwriter used music to express this truth: we are saved by God’s grace. What was the melody like? What mode was it sung in? Was it sung in unison? Accompanied by instruments? I don’t know. Since the words are trustworthy, I offer them as a short rap, performed by percussion instruments. I will leave the melody and mode to you.

From the album “Sing” this video is scrolling playback of Titus 3:4-7 set to a beat.


Click here to read Titus 3 in the NIV and here to read it in TPT.

Print (PDF) sheet music is available for The Hymn of Salvation by Grace.

Click here for PDF.

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