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The Majesty of the Maker! – Music Story

In 2007 a group of us gathered to plan a Darwin’s Day 2009 celebration. We were going to celebrate the Creator’s majesty with drama and music. We outlined a story. A script writer would pen the drama. I had written thirteen songs based on thirteen creation passages in the Bible. A professional musician would arrange the music for his group. They would perform music and drama. We would book venues around the city. Then … our script writer started grad school. Our professional musician changed jobs. Both had to bow out due to time constraints. We had no Darwin’s Day 2009 celebration.

What could I do with a bare outline of a story and a few songs? I finalized the story line and wove it between songs I had written. I now had a musical that any worship team (yours!) could adapt and make their own.

The Majesty of the Maker!

He’s a homicide detective and a new father. He wants something real, something solid to pass on to his son.

He discovered the Bible’s claims about creation match reality:

·         The creation Psalm matches reality.
The Majesty of the Maker from Psalm 104

·         The Cause of the universe must lie outside the universe.
Son of God’s Love from Colossians 1:15-17[1]

·         Life cannot exist unless the universe is stretched out.
Fingerprint from Isaiah 40:21-18[2]

·         The Genesis creation account matches reality.
The Odds from Genesis 1[3]

·         The Genesis creation account of man matches reality.
Family Tree from Genesis 2:7-25[4]

He discovered the Bible’s claims about God and people match reality:

·         People are immeasurably valuable, yet deeply flawed.
Garden of Decision from Genesis 3:15[5]

·         If the Creator became a man, he would be like Jesus.
The Word from John1:1-18[6]

·         Jesus promises to meet the deepest longings of the heart.
Christmas Every Day from Revelation 21:1-5[7]

·         The Creator’s promises can be tested.
A Sure Bet from Jeremiah 33:25-26[8]

·         We instinctively know that the Creator exists.
Secret Lives from Romans 1:18-20[9]

He weighed the evidence:

·         Creation shows the existence and grandeur of God.
A Prayer from Psalm 19:1-3, 14[10]

·         The Creator is good, loving, and just.
I Cry to God from the book of Job[11]

·         The Creator can be trusted when pain engulfs.
You Are There from Psalm 139[12]

 Here’s scrolling playback of the opening song of the musical.


Can a cosmic beginning (and thus the need for a cosmic beginner) be avoided by appealing to quantum gravity theories? Can abiogenesis, panspermia, or directed panspermia account for life on earth? Click here for a review of the scientific literature.

You can download PDF of the entire musical and/or digital (MusicXML™) music for just the opening song.

Sheet Music

Click here to download 50-page PDF of the musical: book, music in lead sheet format, lyrics.


Click here for digital sheet music of the opening song, The Majesty of the Maker.
(MusicXML™ is the standard open format for sharing digital sheet music.
Check the help files in your music notation app for directions on importing MusicXML™ files.)

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