Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Light of the World - Music Story

At Christmas we celebrate the arrival of the King! In the middle ages the arrival of a king was announced by fanfare trumpets. As part of our Christmas celebration we hang a fanfare trumpet on our fireplace mantle.
Christmas Decoration

It’s a special trumpet with a long straight tube that has a banner hanging on it. We found this trumpet in an arts and crafts store and added the banner.
Christmas decoration

Ours is counted cross stitch banner that was inspired by a Christmas card. Angelic heralds announce the birth of the King, Jesus, the Light of the World.
Counted Cross Stitch

Fanfare, written for special state events, is played by brass instruments. The birth of a king is a special state event. Here’s Christmas fanfare for the birth of the King of Kings, the Light of the World. From the album “Main Street – Songs for Today” this video is scrolling playback of a Christmas carol.


You can get print sheet music (PDF for a cappella choir) and/or digital sheet music (MusicXML™ for brass instruments) for Light of the World.
Light of the World
Click here for print sheet music.

Light of the World
Click here for digital sheet music.
(MusicXML™ is the standard open format for sharing digital sheet music.
Check the help files in your music notation app for directions on importing MusicXML™ files.)
The counted cross stitch pattern of our trumpet banner is available here.

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