Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Family Tree - Music Story

Handwritten GenealogyIt’s one of my treasures. It’s a four-page document hand written by Dad. It begins, “Roots. Who am I? Where did I come from?” It traces my family tree back 360 years.

Friends of mine asked the same questions, “Who are we? Where did we come from?” They compared an ancient document answering these questions with scientific research and wrote a book in 2005 describing their findings. Here’s my review of their book on Amazon.com:

Who are these children who make their way to the nurse's office at school to see me – children whose disruptive behaviors and/or mental illness make it impossible for them to function in a regular classroom and qualify them for my school? And why should I care so deeply about them?

In their book on the origins of man, "Who was Adam?" Hugh Ross and Fazale Rana provide surprising, yet satisfying answers to my questions.

Surprising because of the breadth and wealth of cutting-edge scientific research they cite.

Surprising because the evidence from the fossil record, biochemistry, archaeology, human and parasitic genetic studies, geology, and astronomy is at odds with the evolutionary model of human origins that I was taught.

Surprising because they propose a creation model for human origins that is both biblical and able to stand up under scientific scrutiny. (Mitochondrial-DNA research reveals that humanity originated from one woman, called "mitochondrial Eve", and Y-chromosomal studies reveal that humanity came from a single location!)

Their model posits that while humans share many similarities with animals, humans are qualitatively different from animals. Only humans bear the image of God. If their model is correct, then even the most difficult to manage children have inherent dignity and intrinsic worth.

"Who was Adam?" – An exciting exploration of the evidence.

I recently read the ten-year update of Who Was Adam? It too is “an exciting exploration of the evidence.”
Who Was Adam? 10-year update
From the musical The Majesty of the Maker! this video is scrolling playback of the song, Family Tree.

Click here to download 50-page PDF of the musical: book, music in lead sheet format, lyrics.
You can get print (PDF) and/or digital (MusicXML™) sheet music for Family Tree.

Family Tree
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Family Tree
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Click here for my review of “Who Was Adam?” on Amazon.com.
Click here for Dr. Hugh Ross’s credentials.
Click here for Dr. Fazale Rana’s credentials.
Do the most recent scientific discoveries disprove the creation model proposed in Who Was Adam? Click here for the 10 year update of the book.

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