Friday, October 27, 2023

Moses' Genealogy

There are lots of genealogies or family trees in the Old Testament. The Genesis 5 family tree lists descendants from Adam to Noah. The Genesis 11 family tree lists descendants from Seth to Abraham. Moses’ family tree is found in Exodus 6.

The genealogies use the Hebrew word יָלַד (yā·lǎḏ) which means “have a child.” It is translated “bore” or “begat.” Unless we understand how Moses used the word יָלַד (yā·lǎḏ), the Old Testament genealogies will not make sense. They will be absurd. They will be impossible. Let me explain.

This twelve-minute presentation examines the impossibility of Moses’ genealogy.


A print version of this presentation is available.

Click here for the PDF.

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