Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Is There a God and Is He Good? – Evidence from History

It was a freezing Monday morning, the day after Easter. We were huddled together on the street corner, stomping our feet, blowing into our gloves, anticipating the warmth of the school bus. I asked if the weather put a crimp on her Easter celebration. She said her family does not celebrate Easter. Jesus did not rise from the dead.

He was convinced the New Testament is a fabrication. He told me that the Gospels were written long after the events they described. A nice story perhaps, but nothing to do with reality.

Their views are not uncommon. Just last year I was told that Jesus is a myth. Is that true?

Do you know that atheist New Testament scholars and historians are certain that within three years of Jesus’ death the primitive church was reciting a Creed about Jesus? A Creed that claimed Jesus rose from the dead! I present this evidence (and more) in this video (Part 2 of Is there a God and is he Good? – Evidence from History). Click here for Part 1 – Evidence from the Universe and here for Part 3 – The Puzzle of Pain.

Each presentation is about 35 minutes long. Grab some food and watch them with a couple of friends. Then research the evidence I present.


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Here is a study guide with links to the sources I cite.

Click here for Study Guide

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