Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Is There a God and Is He Good? – Evidence from the Universe

Christianity did not make sense to her. She became an atheist when she was five and stopped attending church when she was thirteen. She told me, “If there was evidence for God, it would make worldwide news and win a Nobel Prize.”

He grew up in the church. He had a crisis of faith in college. He told our group why, “What my church teaches about Genesis does not match the facts of nature.”

Their stories are not unique. Children and young adults evaluate Christian claims. Are they logical? Factual? Does the Old Testament accurately describe creation? What does that imply about the New Testament?

Do you know? Evidence for God made worldwide news and won a Nobel Prize in physics! Genesis accurately describes creation! I present this evidence (and more) in this video (Part 1 of Is there a God and is he Good? – Evidence from the Universe). Click here for Part 2 – Evidence from History and here for Part 3 – The Puzzle of Pain.

Each presentation is about 35 minutes long. Grab some food and watch them with a couple of friends. Then research the evidence I present.


Click here to read why many young people are leaving the church. Want to change that? Click here to download a 30 second promo. You can use it to invite some struggling friends to watch the presentations with you.

Here is a study guide with links to the sources I cite.

Click here for Study Guide.

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