Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Is There a God and Is He Good? – The Puzzle of Pain

I asked her what she thought about Christianity. She said that Christianity is a means of control. That God is a moral monster.

At one time, he told me, he had a strong faith in God. But that faith faltered when someone close to him was suffering and God did not answer his prayers.

I am a retired nurse. Nurses take care of people who are suffering and in pain. Where is God when they hurt?

Pain and suffering often cause people to question God’s goodness or his existence. If God exists, is he good? What is God’s relationship with pain, suffering, and death? Where is God when I hurt?

I explore those questions (and more) in this video (Part 3 of Is there a God and is he Good? – The Puzzle of Pain). Click here for Part 1 – Evidence from the Universe and here for Part 2 – Evidence from History. Each presentation is about 35 minutes long. Grab some food and watch them with a couple of friends. Then research the evidence I present.


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Here is a study guide with links to the sources I cite.

Click here for Study Guide.

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